AudioZest 3D Music Player(Pro) v2.82

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AudioZest 3D Music Player(Pro) v2.82
AudioZest 3D Music Player(Pro) v2.82 | 5,4 MB
Requirements: 3.0 and up
3D Sound and one cool equalizer.

Music is made for listening. Most music is made for listening with speakers. We used to put speakers at least a little bit away from us, in front of us, where a performer would be. When we listen to music with headphones the music still comes from between the speakers - but between headphone speakers is inside your head! AudioZest grabs the music and pulls it out of your head. We put the sound back where the artist intended it, where studio monitors or speakers should be, outside your head.

How do we do this? AudioZest is the showcase app for the AudioCauldron Headphone Engine, a sound processor that has the same effect on sound as speakers, air, and your ears, thus making the sound seem like it comes from speakers. We take music from your music library on your device and make it sound like you are enjoying your music in your home theater. This works for every piece of stereo music on your device, it does not require special recordings. In fact, we are removing the changes that occurred when the music is enjoyed with headphones instead of studio monitors.

The 3D settings screen allows you to adjust where the virtual speakers are in a virtual room all around you. Start with the speakers 30 degrees left and right of center in the standard surround sound configuration. Pull the speakers in from the standard 30 degrees used for music to 22.5 degrees used for movies at cinema. You can place the speaker at any angle, even behind you. Plus, the sound is not limited to a disc. Move the speakers around you and place the sound anywhere in a 3D hemisphere, including overhead speakers. Place the sound directly over your head for a Voice of God effect. The 3D Icon is also an on/off button that allows you to turn the effect on and off for an A/B test.

The usual media player features are supported, including sorting by Artist, Title, Genre, and Playlist. Use a long tap (hold down) an item to choose to play it immediately or add it to the queue. Go to the Playback menu to remove songs from the queue or empty the queue. This app is also a demonstration for Bit Cauldron's AudioCauldron Engines, which are available for incorporation into other software, products, and apps.

Discover your music library again with the AudioZest 3D Sound Player.

What's new:
Bug fixes
Added Simplified Chinese support.
More new features on the way!
Please email any bug reports or improvement requests to [email protected] We promise we read your email!


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