bbRingtones v1.1

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bbRingtones v1.1
bbRingtones v1.1 | 4,3 MB
Requirements: 4.4 +
Use bbRingtones application to customize ringtone and LED notification for individual BBM contact, BBM group and 3rd party applications such as Calendar, WhatsUp, Facebook etc...

Ringtone and LED notifications can be configured to repeat from one to 1000 times. For important contacts or groups you can set a Contact or a Group to a VIP status. With the VIP status the ringtone will always be played even if the system sound volume is set to Vibrate or Silent.

You can select the ringtones that comes with the application or choose your own custom MP3, M4A or OGG ringtones. There are over 65 different ringtones included with the application.

bbRingtones has support for LED notification. Not all devices have LED support. If your device does not have LED support then setting a LED color will not do anything. To avoid problems please do not set a LED if your device does not support LED.

You can set one of the following default LED colors: Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Green, Red, White or Yellow. If you want multi LED colors then select Custom and set any of the color combinations.

Note: On some devices LED will only blink if the screen is off.

You can stop the ringtone and LED notification when it is playing by simply shaking the device or wave your hand on top of the device. You can configure this in the Settings screen.


- Individual ringtone and LED for BBM contacts and BBM Groups
- Ringtone and LED for 3rd party applications
- Custom LED notification. Device requires LED support
- Use your own custom sounds as such MP3, M4A and OGG
- Includes over 70 tones
- Disable ringtone when you are on the phone
- Shake device to stop ringtone and LED
- Wave on top of the device to stop ringtone and LED
- Set custom font size
- Set custom volume for each ringtone or use the system default Media sound
- Respect system Silent and Vibrate sound profiles
- Set Repeat ringtone and LED

What's new:

- Changed the app name to bbRingtones
- Added support for 3rd party apps. You can now set ringtone and LED for 3rd party apps on your device. Please read the instructions in the application. You need to set the 3rd party app Tones to Silent if you use bbRingtones to control the ringtone
- Added Adjust volume option for each ringtone. If you do not set the volume for the ringtone then bbRingtones will use the system Media volume
- Added option to disable bbRingtones if you are on the phone


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