DS Barometer - Altimeter and Weather Information v3.69

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DS Barometer - Altimeter and Weather Information v3.69

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up | Size: 5,4 MB

DS Barometer is a handsomely crafted barometer and air pressure recorder for Android devices with or without a barometric pressure sensor. Rapid changes in the barometric pressure usually precede significant changes in the weather. Use the barometric pressure trends measured by this app with other atmospheric data (such as cloud patterns and temperature changes) to predict improving or worsening weather conditions. Barometric pressure monitoring can also be helpful for people with barometric migraine headache and other barometric-pressure related medical conditions, such as arthritis, that may be aggravated by changes in barometric pressure.

The app includes a background pressure monitoring feature that was designed specifically for a mobile barometer unit. Our pressure monitor is able to handle changes in location and altitude as you move about because all recorded pressures are reduced to sea level - that means that pressure trends and graphs can be interpreted without any concern that they were affected by a change in your elevation during the recording interval.

For devices equipped with a barometer sensor, this application uses the atmospheric pressure measured by your phone to calculate the sea level adjusted barometric pressure at your location. Temperature and altitude, also used in the calculation, are obtained by matching your position against weather and altitude survey databases. These values are more reliable than the values returned from your GPS chip and your phone's temperature sensor and may result in a more meaningful barometric pressure reading.

• Tap on any of the dials and get a detailed explanation of how the displayed result was determined.
• Easily control unit reporting for pressure, temperature and altitude by tapping on any meter.
• Includes Altimeter supported by LIDAR and / or RADAR topographic surveys of your area.
• Outdoor temperature reporting.
• Includes free background atmospheric pressure monitoring with graphs and charts.

Devices without a barometric pressure sensor will show the barometric pressure at your location by using your GPS and internet connection.

NOTE: Some devices and some apps that offer a battery saving feature will turn off the monitoring features in this application. If barometer monitoring is enabled and you are not able to record the pressure, you will need to turn off battery saving features.


• App now works in both landscape and portrait orientation.
• User interface improvements.
• Bug fixes.
• Barometer records can now be exported or mailed as .csv files


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