Financial Calculators Pro v2.4.9

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Financial Calculators Pro v2.4.9
Financial Calculators Pro v2.4.9 | 2,1 MB
Requirements: Android, varies with device
For phone and tablet, this application includes the complete package of financial calculators by Bishinews, a Google rated top developer...

Finance and Investment Calculators
- TVM Calculator
- Currency Converter
- Compound Interest Calculator
- Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator
- IRR NPV Calculator
- MIRR Calculator
- Bond Calculator
- Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator
- Rule of 72 Calculator

Loan/Mortgage Calculators
- Loan Calculator
- Loan Comparison Calculator
- Loan Refinance Calculator
- APR Calculator
- APR Advanced Calculator
- Commercial Loan Calculator
- Loan Analysis Calculator
- Home Affordablility Calculator
- Rent vs Buy Calculator
- Mortgage Tax Saving Calculator
- Discount Points Calculator
- Adjustable Rate Calculator
- Fixed vs Adjustable Rate Calculator
- Bi-weekly Payment Calculator
- Interest Only Calculator

Retirement Calculators
- Retirement Planner
- 401k Contribution Calculator
- Retirement Savings Analysis
- Retirement Income Analysis
- Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA
- Required Minimum Distribution
- Social Security Estimator
- Asset Allocation Calculator
- Retirement Calculator

Stock Calculators
- Stock Return Calculator
- Stock Constant Growth Calculator
- Stock Non-constant Growth Calculator
- CAPM Calculator
- Expected Return Calculator
- Holding Period Return Calculator
- Weighted Average Cost of Capital Calculator
- Black-Scholes Option Calculator

Credit Card Calculators
- Credit Card Payoff Calculator
- Credit Card Minimum Calculator

Auto Loan and Lease Calculators
- Auto Loan Calculator
- Auto Lease Calculator

Miscellaneous Calculators
- Regular Calculator
- Tip Calculator
- Discount and Tax Calculator
- Percentage Calculator
- Date Calculator
- Unit Conversion
- US Inflation Calculator
- Margin and Markup Calculator
- Fuel Calculator
- Salary Increase Calculator
- US Paycheck Tax Calculator
- Net Distribution Calculator
- Financial Ratios

What's new:
Version 2.4.9
- Add Wallpaper or Gallery picture as background


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