HiPER Calc Pro v9.0.2 build 164

HiPER Calc Pro v9.0.2 build 164
Requirements: Android 4.1+ | File size: 3,1 MB
HiPER Calc Pro is advanced version of HiPER Scientific Calculator. The calculator has up to 100 digits of significand and 9 digits of exponent. It detects repeating decimals, numbers can be entered also as fractions or converted to them.

You can also switch to the expression mode where you can write expressions in a natural way and watch what you are calculating.

Calculator has several layouts suitable for various screen sizes:
• pocket view for small devices
• compact view for smartphones (in portrait and landscape orientation)
• expanded view for tablets

Users can choose from several high quality themes.

Calculator has many more functions:
• compact view for smartphones
• expanded view for tablets
• pocket view for small devices
• up to a hundred decimal places and 9 digits of exponent
• landscape and portrait mode (compact view)
• basic arithmetic operations including percentage, modulo, negation
• mixed and improper fractions
• periodic numbers and their conversion to fractions
• unlimited number of braces
• operator priority
• repeated operations
• advanced number operation such as random numbers, combinations, permutations, common greatest divisor
• goniometric and hyperbolic functions
• powers, roots, logarithms
• degrees, minutes and seconds conversion
• fixed point, scientific and engineering display format
• display exponent as SI units prefix
• memory operations with 10 extended memories
• clipboard operations
• result history
• binary, octal and hexadecimal numeral systems
• logical operations and bitwise shifts
• haptic feedback
• more than 90 physical constants
• conversion between 200 units

Calculator has many settings to manage display numbers precision, full screen mode, decimal and thousand separators etc.

Matrices and vectors
Matrix and vector functions: determinant, echelon form, trace, cross product, ...
New detail: Matrix properties
Double and tripple zeros function (in the OTHER key menu)
Custom layouts: keys in the top row may have second functions
Inverse trigonometric equations
New display setting: Required delay to clear the display
New languages: French and Italian

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