ProCamera v1.027

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ProCamera v1.027

ProCamera v1.027 | 1,3 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up

ProCamera gives you a fully functional stills camera application, requiring no special permissions, nor redundant features. This camera application was created with picture quality and minimal processing in mind. The app works best on Samsung phones as most support all the modes and features in this app.

Most phones do not yet support Google's Camera2 API, and thus can only save compressed JPEG files. In addition, most devices use artificial edge-sharpening and noise reduction algorithms which further reduce the quality the resulting pictures by adding halos around high-contrast areas and an oil painting appearance to highly detailed areas. This app disabled all those enhancements. JPEG quality is set to 100, artificial sharpening/edge enhancements are disabled, picture resolution is set to maximum and noise reduction is also disabled (but can be (re)enabled in the app) thus retaining more natural grain.

- Selectable (3) Histogram modes: Luma, RGB or both.
- Selectable ISO modes.
- Adjustable Exposure.
- Defeatable built-in sensor noise-reduction.
- Selectable Focus modes: Continuous AutoFocus or Touch to Focus.
- Orientation sensor updates Exif tag, can be locked.
- Shake detection.
- GPS data added to Exif tag.

What's new
The previous versions "Forced Closed" on some devices. Hopefully this has been fixed. Added NULL pointer checks and code cleanup.




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