SD Maid 2/SE - System Cleaner v0.19.0-beta0

SD Maid 2/SE - System Cleaner v0.19.0-beta0

Requirements: Android 8.0+ | File size: 7,32 MB

SD M aid SE is trusty maid for your Android, to keep it clean & tidy.

Nobody is perfect and neither is Android
- Apps you have already removed leave something behind.
- Logs, crash reports and other files you don't really want are constantly being created.
- Your storage is collecting files and directories you don't recognize.

Let’s not go on here... Let SD Maid SE help you
- Clean up data from already uninstalled apps
- Find hidden app caches
- Remove superfluous system files

SD Maid SE is the successor to SD Maid.
Optimized for newer Android versions and focused on a cleaning up.

SD Maid SE has optional features that utilize the AccessibilityService API to automate tedious actions.
Using the AccessibilityService API, SD Maid SE can click buttons for you to perform operations on multible apps, e.g. deleting caches.
SD Maid SE does not use the AccessibilityService API to collect information.


Setup: Improve storage setup state display and fix wrong layout use
Setup: Highlight the setup icon in settings if setup is incomplete
If deletion fails with a WriteException support exclusion creation via error dialog
Analyzer: Keep scanning when app is in the background
ACS: Improve debug output to help fix multi-locale issues
Debug: Show detailed version information when long pressing the changelog settings entry
Google Play: Add extra "Restore purchase" button
Deduplicator: Improve error handling and skip unreadable files
AppControl: Long pressing refresh force reloads the pkg cache
Deduplicator: Improve previews and click/tap actions
Scheduler: Update last execution time even if execution fails/aborts
Deduplicator: Allow previewing all images in a group and swiping through them
Shizuku: Add button to open app if it's installed, enabled, but not running
Bug fixes
UI: Fix mascot scaling issues
UI: Fix click action on mascot in acs controlview
AppControl: Increase uninstaller's minimum timeout and calculate timeout based on app sizes
Analyzer: Fix back navigation from storage content not working
Other changes
AppControl: When uninstall an app through SD Maid, allow CorpseFinder's UninstallWatcher to trigger
Update translations


Pro / mod version

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