Send Anywhere (File Transfer) v7.2.15 (AdFree)


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Send Anywhere (File Transfer) v7.2.15 (AdFree)
Send Anywhere (File Transfer) v7.2.15 (AdFree) | 9,3 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Super-Simple way to send files Send Anywhere is a multi-platform file sharing service where users can directly share digital content in real time.

Simplicity Redefined:
- Send Anywhere takes an easy, direct, and unlimited approach to file sharing:
- Easy: Send any file type, across any platform, all without logging in or signing up.
- Direct: Given network conditions, we find the most optimal path to ensure the quickest and most efficient connection between devices.
- Unlimited: Send any file size, as many times as you want, all for free!

Brand New Features:
- The release of Send Anywhere 3.0 brings with it features that enhance the usability of Send Anywhere such as:
- Auto-Resume: No longer have to restart any interrupted download. With “Auto-Resume”, the download automatically resumes from where it stopped.
- History Room: Track all file transfers between two devices with a simplistic, message-like UI.
- Multi-Transfer: Now send transfers across multiple devices simultaneously.

To Send:
- Select the file(s) that you wish to send, then press the paper airplane button.
- This will generate a temporary 6-digit key that you can share with the receiving device.
- Stand by.

* You also have the option to send a push alert to a nearby or recently used device.
* The 6-digit key lasts for only ten minutes but you also have the option to upload your file(s) for 24 hours.

To Receive:
- Enter the 6-digit key and the transfer will start immediately.
- Enjoy!

What's new:
Added Quick Link Share(beta) for messengers
- You can easily upload files and create a link during a chat.
- A floating icon will be displayed in the Messenger dialog. Tap the icon to select the file to share, then tap the link icon to create a link. You’ll be redirected to the messenger screen with a link inserted.


- Ads Removed
- Sponsored native banner layout removed
- All ads calls from Activity removed
- All ads banner layout in tablet mode removed
- Analytics disabled

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