Talking Alarm Clock Pro Free v1.9 [Ad-Free]


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Talking Alarm Clock Pro Free v1.9 [Ad-Free]
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up | Size: 6,5 MB
The new Talking AlarmClock with new functions!
You can record a vocal message, choose a customized phrase and know what time it is!

You can also set the date! Do you have an important appointment and do not want to forget it ? Set the date and time that you want to be notified, write or record a message and use talking alarm clock as your personal assistant that reminds everything!

Set your vocal message and how many times to repeat the message: once, twice, three, five or always !

You can choose a ringtone that will be activated immediately after the voice message.

And for a gentle awakening you can choose a gradual increase in volume for the voice message and the ringtone.

TalkingAlarmClockPro also gives you the ability to adjust some parameters such as voice pitch, speed and volume, fun to try different combinations!

To snooze the alarm you can simply shake the phone.

Talking alarm clock is further provided with large snooze button to prevent you from accidentally turning off the alarm.


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