Teacher Assistant Pro v2.16.08


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Teacher Assistant Pro v2.16.08
Teacher Assistant Pro v2.16.08 | 10,3 MB
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Designed by a teacher, for teachers!

Main features:
- not in - app purchases or add modules. They have access to all functions of the app paid immediately.
- 200 students per class, 30 lessons per semester, 10 values ​​per year
- Designed for Android 4.0 and above (improved layout screen tablet-sized screens)
- Participation (Adaptation symbols participation you)
- Gradebook (Categories, Gravity, Letter Students / Points / Rate sort styles)
- Posts Group (bulk emails / texts to students / parents / consultants through the app)
- 1 notification contact with parents when a student is absent or missing work
- Progress reports (PDF files e-mail to all parents and students with a few touches)
- The course design (to track everything you do in your classes daily)
- Random caller Student (Device will speak the student's name aloud)

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This is the professional version of the 2nd Edition of the award winning Teacher Assistant Pro app. If you have not already, you can take a look at the Demo version of the app, so you can try it on your device with a limited number of students. Version 1 has been available to us in the last three years and have been extensively, and now I've completely reworked the application and made changes that could be made only by building app from scratch. Important enhancements include a seating chart, as well as increasing the number of students, assignments and classes days and many additional features.

• select the folder settings allow the user to manage backup files, photographs and references PDF.
• The cloud backup options updates for Dropbox, Google Drive and the onedrive.
• Increased student not included in the seating chart or monitor group anymore.
• New order chart positions. Move students a series toward the front of the class.


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