Ultra Explorer Pro v1.2.4

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Ultra Explorer Pro v1.2.4

Ultra Explorer Pro v1.2.4 | 10,1 MB
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up

Ultra Explorer is the ultimate file explorer which comes bundled with multiple root apps like CPU Control, App Freezer, Build Prop Editor and many more.

A File Explorer at heart, Ultra Explorer offers much more than most other popular File Explorers like Root Explorer, Root Browser or even Solid Explorer.

FILE Management
- Special Navigation Bar at the top for easy Navigation and fast search functionality .
- Full Root Functionality enabled, Copy, Move or delete Files on your System Partition. Change Permissions and Owners etc.
- List Mode and Grid Mode. Bottom Bar for fast Switching and other operations.
- Gesture Bookmarks for fast access to your frequently used files and folders. You will have basic bookmarks functionality as well.
- Compare and calculate MD5 hash for files
- Zip/Unzip - Compress and Uncompress ZIP, RAR, TAR, JAR, WAR file formats
- HTTP Beamer - Beam your files over the Network so the other users can download them fast enough. Fastest way to share your files.
- InBuilt Media Player to play file formats mp3, wav, ogg, m4a etc
- InBuilt Swipe Image Viewer to view jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, bmp and other image formats.
- Duplicates Manager - Find duplicate files on your file System . Multi-Select and delete duplicates . (Very fast Duplicates Detection within 10 secs)
- Ultra Search - Search the entire file System within a few seconds for the file you are looking for. It uses the fastest search algorithm in market. try it!

PDF Viewer and Reader
- Smoothly integrated into the Ultra Explorer itself no need to install other heavyweight PDF Viewers.
- Pinch-to-Zoom to Zoom into PDF pages.
- Use Swipe Gesture to Move between PDF pages or use the Sliderbar below.
- Goto Function to navigate to a specific page in your PDF.
- Side Navigation Bar to View Recent PDFs and Open PDFs from file directory.

Zip Viewer
- Browse ZIP,JAR,TAR and WAR files like a directory .
- Extract or delete specific items in Zip Files
- Check properties like MD5 ,SHA1 and CRC of Zip Items.
- CRC checker to check integrity of the Zip File

- Now host Servers directly from your Android Device and share file system or Specific Files.
- One Click Server Setup. No need to configure anything.
- Browse your SDcard contents from your Computer. You can also Upload and Download Specific files.
- Fast sharing of Links using QRCodes.

Build Prop Editor
- Easiest way to edit your build.prop files .
- Improve the performance of your device and Unlock full potential with custom tweaks.
- Backup and Restore functionality for build.prop files.

CPU Control
- Overclock/UnderClock your CPU and save battery
- See the CPU history stats
- Apply CPU frequencies on Boot

App Backup Manager
- Backup installed android apps easily.
- Share, Uninstall, Update or send your applications. No need to create any backup before sending.
- One Click Backup Button for super fast backups.

Voice and Sound Recorder
- Very Snazzy and Good looking Sound Recorder inspired from MIUI Sound Recorder.
- Record high quality sounds in 3gpp or amr format.

Contacts Manager
- Backup All your contacts with One-click backup button
- Export your contacts in .vcf or .csv format .
- Share your contacts via email.
- Delete all your Contacts with One-click Delete button

Other Utility Applications
- Duplicated Finder
- Text Editor
- Music Player
- Image Viewer Gallery
- Hex Viewer
- HTTP File Beam Utility




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