Aura 2.8.10m.213 Multilanguage

Aura 2.8.10m.213 Multilanguage

File size: 226 Mb

Aura is a desktop utility that uses soothing nature sounds in order to create a comfortable atmosphere. The program appears as an icon in the system tray and plays real delectable sounds of a forest. A click on the icon turns on or off the sounding. Right click opens the Aura Control Board.

Here you can select between a daytime and nighttime forest environment and also customize the frequency of acoustic elements (birds, insects, frogs, beasts, wind, rain etc.). You can assign your own sound files to intersperse on soundscape, set alarm function and sounds, mute or sounding autostart of the program, autochange of auras, scheduled computer mute/sleep/shutdown option, system hotkeys, modular live update, choose a language for user interface.

Summary of Features
The program plays real sounds of a forest;
The program shows its icon near system watches to provide one-click sound control;
Assignable user's folders with sounds to play;
Mute or sounding AutoStart option;
Autochange of options;
Scheduled computer mute/sleep/shutdown option;
Assignable alarm-clock sounds;
Assignable hourly chimes sounds;
Assignable system hotkeys;
Multilingual user interface.
Embedded live update.
To reveal a reason for some problems you can run the installed program with "debug" parameter. Then error messages are shown and "debug.txt" log is filed.

The list of possibilities
• Playing the real sounds of the forest;
• Control playback sound with the click of the "mouse" on the program icon in the system tray;
• Adjusting the activity of birds, insects, animals, frogs, wind, rain, fire, alarm, hourly sounds;
• Assign your own folders with audio files for playback;
• Appointment of an automatic change of day and night sounds of the forest at specified intervals, or at a particular time or in accordance with the actual time of day;
• Appointment of tacit, or automatic start sounding program at startup;
• Appointment times start playing after a silent auto-or auto-silencing;
• Appointment of the automatic silencing or quiet off the computer (for those who like to fall asleep to the sounds of the forest);
• Appointment of the alarm and sound;
• Appointment of hourly sounds;
• Appointment system keys control program;
• Assign a language management interface;
• Built-in Internet updates;
• To identify the causes of possible problems you can run the installed program with the option debug. Then they will be displayed error messages and will be the protocol of the program in a file debug.txt.

Play sounds
• Hum day forest
• Winged inhabitants of the forest day
• Rooks and crows in the afternoon forest
• Woodpeckers
• Grasshoppers
• Hum night forest
• Winged inhabitants of the night forest
• Nightingales
• Beasts night forest
• Cuckoos
• Close the spans of birds
• Close the spans of insects
• Wind in the forest
• Stream and waterfall
• Rain
• Thunder (sound only from the rain!)
• Fireplace
• Guitar
• Garmon
• Flute
• hourly sound
• Sounds for alarm

Whats New
-fixed incorrect working out of switching between day and night auras
-when setting the endless rain sound, it now starts almost immediately

Aura 2.8.10m.213 Multilanguage


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