Johnny Ace - Ace's Wild! The Complete Solo Sides and Sessions (2012)

Johnny Ace - Ace's Wild! The Complete Solo Sides and Sessions (2012)
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2012 | Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Blues | FLAC (tracks) | 02:34:14 | 471 mb


1. Johnny Ace - Mid Night Hours Journey
2. Johnny Ace - My Song
3. Johnny Ace - Follow the Rule
4. Johnny Ace - Angel
5. Johnny Ace - Aces Wild
6. Johnny Ace - Cross My Heart
7. Johnny Ace - Burley Cutie
8. Johnny Ace - The Clock
9. Johnny Ace - Please Forgive Me
10. Johnny Ace - Saving My Love for You
11. Johnny Ace - Yes, Baby
12. Johnny Ace - Still Love You So
13. Johnny Ace - Anymore
14. Johnny Ace - So Lonely
15. Johnny Ace - You've Been Gone so Long
16. Johnny Ace - Pledging My Love
17. Johnny Ace - Never Let Me Go
18. Johnny Ace - Don't You Know
19. Johnny Ace - No Money
20. Johnny Ace - How Can You Be So Mean
21. Johnny Ace - I'm Crazy, Baby
22. Johnny Ace - Anymore (Overdubbed Version)
23. Johnny Ace - Pledging My Love (Overdubbed Version)
24. Frankie Ervin - Johnny Ace's Last Letter (Frankie Ervin)
25. Varetta Dillard - Johnny Has Gone
26. The Rovers - Salute to Johnny Ace
27. Linda Hayes - Why, Johnny, Why_
28. The Five Wings - Johnny's Still Singing
29. Earl Forest - Whole Heap of Mama
30. B B King - Someday, Somewhere
31. Earl Forest - Sad and Lonely
32. B B King - Shake It Up and Go
33. Earl Forest - Rumpus Romp
34. B B King - My Own Fault, Darlin'
35. Earl Forest - Trouble and Me
36. B B King - Gotta Find My Baby
37. Earl Forest - I Cried
38. B B King - I Got a Gal
39. Bobby Bland - Drifting from Town to Town (Take 1)
40. B B King - Low Down Dirty Baby
41. Bobby Bland - Love My Baby
42. B B King - I'm So Glad
43. Bobby Bland - Drifting from Town to Town (Take 2)
44. Earl Forest - I Wronged a Woman
45. Bobby Bland - I.O.U. Blues
46. Earl Forest - I Can't Forgive You
47. Earl Forest - Baby, Baby
48. Bobby Bland - Lovin' Blues
49. Earl Forest - Rock the Bottle
50. Bobby Bland - Wise Man Blues
51. Earl Forest - Pretty Bessie
52. Bobby Bland - Army Blues
53. Earl Forest - Whoopin' And Hollerin'
54. Bobby Bland - No Blow, No Show
55. Johnny Fuller - Johnny Ace's Last Letter (Johnny Fuller)
Johnny Ace, one of R&B s brightest but most short-lived supernovas, is celebrated on Ace s Wild!, two discs roping together all his solo singles along with sublime piano sessions for the likes of B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland. Compiled and annotated in intricate detail by Dave Penny, the set is high on the lower elements of the battered soul, running the gamut from yearning to regret, highlights including his inimitable grasp of the heart-ballad on hits including My Song , The Clock and Please Forgive Me , but also jumping R&B outings such as Never Let Me Go . Ace carried all the credentials of a short-lived R&B legend, from lucky studio break leading to huge hit debut, success accompanied by ruthless music business skulduggery, escalating alcohol relieving pressure and dramatically tragic death, in this case dressing room jinx with a pistol resulting in fatal Russian roulette-style death on Christmas Day, 1954. Born in 1929 to a musical family in South Memphis, John Marshall Junior taught himself to play piano at home after returning from service in World War Two. By the end of the decade, he was playing sessions for B.B. King, Earl Forest and Bobby Blue Bland, some chance fooling on the piano at a session resulting in his first single for David Mattis Duke label. My Song subsequently spent nine weeks on top of the R&B charts in late 1952. Mattis was then systematically ousted, seeing both his Duke label and star artist hijacked by heavyweight music mogul Don Robey. A string of hits ensued, including Cross My Heart , The Clock , Saving My Love For You , Please Forgive Me and Never Let Me Go , Ace continuing to play blues sessions, while Robey whisked him to L.A. to plant him over the more sophisticated backdrops of the Johnny Otis and Johnny Board orchestras. By 1954, the pressure was getting to him as recording sessions were fitted around gruelling touring (often supported by Big Mama Thornton, their rare duet on Yes, Baby also included on this compilation). Increasingly cushioned by alcohol and prone to depression, Ace accidentally shot himself in the head while fooling with a gun in the dressing room at a Christmas day show in Houston. Robey swiftly cashed in with what became one of Ace s biggest hits; the heavenly Pledging My Love , assuring posthumous immortality, further bolstered by tribute singles from the likes of Johnny Fuller, Frankie Ervin, Varetta Dillard, the Rovers and Five Wings; featured here as bonus tracks, providing a poignant finale. Johnny Ace was a monumental talent dealt the worst hand imaginable much too soon. By rounding up every recording credited to the artist in his own right, plus his neglected session work, Ace s Wild! provides an overdue, comprehensive survey of - and worthy tribute to - his short but spectacular career.

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