11+ English Vocabulary Mega Pk v1.0 b8

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11+ English Vocabulary Mega Pk v1.0 b8

11+ English Vocabulary Mega Pk v1.0 b8 | 1 MB

English vocabulary is a important part of all 11+ Grammar school entrance exams. Here is the most likely 11 plus vocabulary of 1000 meticulously picked words with meaning/synonyms. This collection is proven to help secure a place in a Grammar school. Caters to many exam formats including Durham university CEM style / Transfer tests and GL assessment. Learn mode and Test mode with voice. Your child will be well equipped to face the challenge of passing the Grammar School entrance test.

Features -
- 1000 meticulously picked English words with meaning/synonyms.
- This Mega Pack contains all four packs and has 40 Sets
- Each Set has 25 words to learn, so that one Set can be mastered at a time
- Voice support which makes the task of learning much more easier
- Words (with voice) can be played in background so that learning becomes automatic
- Learn mode has random ON/OFF as words can appear in any order
- Play words in a continuous loop or manually browse
- Sound ON/OFF function if you prefer learning quietly
- Repeat ON/OFF allows each word to be repeated in order to perfect it
- Test mode can be used by the learner alone or with assistance from the parent
- In Test mode app says a word, then the learner has to guess one or more synonyms, then press Check button. Then mark the answer Correct or Wrong
- See score at the top. This can be Reset
- Show wrong screen shows all the words the learner got wrong. This can be Reset
- Share this resource with friends and learn to-gather
- This app has many many more features than expensive flash cards!
- Master all Sets one after another and crack the 11+ Grammar school entrance exam

What's New
New improved version

Requires Android: 2.2 and up

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