Trends in Wheat and Bread Making

Trends in Wheat and Bread Making

2020 | ISBN: 0128231912 | English | 477 pages | PDF | 18.92 MB

Trends in Wheat and Bread Making provides a comprehensive look at the state-of-the-art in bread making from ingredient to shelf-life, with a focus on the impact of processing on the nutritional value and consumer acceptability of this global staple. The book also includes chapters on new breads and bakery products fortified with plant-processing-by-products and/or natural antioxidants, and explores efforts to improve biotechnological processes and fermentation for bread making. It is an excellent resource for researchers, industry professionals and enterprises hoping to produce enhanced bread products through processing-related nutritional and quality improvements.

  • Addresses gluten free products, organic farming and production techniques, enzymatic and biotechnological techniques, fortification of breads with plant by-products, and phenol-rich substrates
  • Fills the gap in current resources, focusing on the application of new technologies for processing practices
  • Provides a guide to industrial and commercialized applications of innovative breadmaking
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