Udemy - Learning Spanish with Ana 2

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Udemy - Learning Spanish with Ana 2

Udemy - Learning Spanish with Ana 2
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Really interesting and practical course to lean Spanish easily.As a Spanish teacher, it's really important for me to teach my students useful concepts to help them with the second most spoken language in the world. You'll find the essential vocabulary to speak about daily topics such as the weather, our routine and free time, the parts of our house or our friend's descriptions. It's a practical course and you'll find it easy to follow it. You just have to relax, enjoy learning by watching these videos. Firts, we'll talk about some grammar considerations. Then we'll revise simple present, adding irregular verbs. And finally we will talk about common topics. You will find notes for each video and a final exam to check your progress.

What are the requirements?

  • It's necessary to do course number one before or to know what it has been taught there

  • What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 20 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Know simple present in Spanish
  • Learn irregular verbs in simple present in Spanish
  • Use simple present
  • Learn more things about gender
  • Talk about the weather: ¿Qué tiempo hace?
  • Express the time: ¿Qué hora es?
  • Describe people and their clothes
  • Learn colours: ¿De qué color es?
  • Talk about your daily routine and free time
  • Know body parts
  • Compare people and things
  • Express possessions

  • What is the target audience?
  • This course is essential if your are interested in Spanish
  • You will learn vocabulary and essential structures for the basic level of Spanish
  • People who are interested in speaking the second most spoken language in the world
  • People who want to revise very important things in Spanish

  • Curriculum
    Section 1: What are we going to learn?
    Lecture 1 Things we are going to learn 01:15
    Section 2: Grammar
    Lecture 2 Gender in Spanish 02:39
    In Spanish every noun has a gender. It is very important to know this, because adjectives that go with names have the same gender and number. It is something we don´t have in English and this video with help you to use names and adjectives in Spanish

    Lecture 3 Tú y usted 02:55
    You is a subject pronoun than can be translated into different words depending on using formal or informal style. Watch this video to get all the information you need

    Lecture 4 Possessive adjectives and pronouns: ¿De quién es? 09:12
    Adjectives and pronouns are also interesting in Spanish because you also need to pay attention to the gender. Now you are going to understand how to express possessions.

    Lecture 5 Comparison 03:02
    It's really easy to compare people or things in Spanish. Watch this video to learn a lot.

    Lecture 6 Grammar: notes 14 pages
    To download and study

    Section 3: Simple present in Spanish
    Lecture 7 Verb go: ¿Dónde vamos? 02:47
    Ir (to go) is an irregular verb which is very useful. Time to learn it

    Lecture 8 Irregular verbs 10:00
    We know verbs behaviours in simple present. But some of them are quite faciful and you need to learn them. In next videos you are going to practise with some more examples.

    Lecture 9 Uses of simple present 02:13
    Now that we know simple present, when can we use it? It's great because you can use it for future ideas, to talk about habits, to define things...

    Lecture 10 Simple present: notes 10 pages
    To download and study

    Section 4: Time to talk!
    Lecture 11 Your daily routine: ¿Cómo es tu rutina diaria? 06:09
    Let's try to describe in Spanish what we usually do on a typical day.

    Lecture 12 Your free time: ¿Qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre? 03:32
    Do you like reading books? Do you prefer going to the cinema? Let's learn all the vocabulary we need to talk about our free time and verbs to express what we like or dislike

    Lecture 13 The time: ¿Qué hora es? 05:56
    What time is it? After watching this video you are going to be able to express it in Spanish

    Lecture 14 The weather: ¿Qué tiempo hace? 03:25
    The weather is one of our favorite topics to speak. It's a great option to break the ice. Watch this video to learn everything about it.

    Lecture 15 Describing people and clothes 07:01
    We need to know some adjectives and expressions to describe ourselves or other people. And if you like going shopping, it's time to speak about clothes.

    Lecture 16 Body parts 03:44
    Watch this video to learn vocabulary related to body parts. Besides, you'll learn how to express that any part hurts, very useful for example if you need to go to the doctor

    Lecture 17 Colours: ¿De qué color es? 03:59
    Colours refer to nouns that in Spanish are masculine or femine, so take care about it.

    Lecture 18 The house: ¿Cómo es tu casa? 05:43
    Learn to describe your house and place prepositions

    Lecture 19 Time to talk: notes 23 pages
    To download and study

    Section 5: If I were you...
    Lecture 20 Pieces of advice I give you 1 page
    Quiz 1 Time to check! 20 questions



    Udemy - Learning Spanish with Ana 2

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