Teletone Audio Vespertone KONTAKT

Teletone Audio Vespertone KONTAKT

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Wurlitzer, Vibraphone, Celeste and Rhodes. Vespertone allows you to take the raw acoustic sounds of a Wurlitzer, Vibraphone, Celeste and Rhodes and morph them into abstracted versions of themselves.

Vespertone is a virtual instrument plug-in for Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player, compatible with most major DAWs (Ableton Live, Logic, Garage Band, ProTools, Steinberg Cubase and more.).

Morphing Engine
By using a new approach to modulation, Vespertone utilizes a powerful granular synthesis algorithm to morph the sound of the instrument's acoustic samples, in real-time, into a playable unique digital abstraction.

4 in 1

1. Wurlitzer 200
A custom rigged vintage Wurlitzer 200. The core electric piano signal was fed into a Wurlitzer Student Model speaker cabinet so we could record the dry and intimate sound of the keys with seperation of the amped sound that was recorded in an seperate amp room. The result is a beautiful mixture of sounds rarely captured in a virtual instrument.

2. 1930's Vibraphone
A rare and almost century old vibraphone still in wonderful condition and full of vibe and nostalgia. We hand selected from a number of mallets to get both a soft and sparkling sound. Use the Speed and Depth dials to perfectly emulate the tremolo effect of the original.

3. Jenco Celeste
A beautifully aged 4 octave Celeste made by Jenco. We removed the rear screen to capture every movement with intimate detail. In addition, we captured the wide stereo image of the live room with a pair of vintage tube microphones.

4. 1970's Rhodes
A classic suitcase Rhodes electric piano recorded through a pre-1975 signal path to get the most authentic vintage sound that is heard on so many classic records.

3 Mic Positions.

CLOSE MICS — A stereo pair of Telefunken ELA M 251's placed intimately close to give a clear and upfront sound.

RIBBON MICS — The iconic Coles 4038 ribbon microphones were placed alongside the close mics to provide a very warm and characterful sound that ribbon microphones are best known for.

ROOM MICS — Vintage Neumann M49's were placed at a distance in the studio to capture a widescreen sound.

PLATE REVERB - In the case of the Wurlitzer, instead of a 'Room Mic' sample set, we sent a signal to a custom, all-tube, EMT-inspired, plate reverb.

Body. Soul. Spirit.
Vespertone contains 3 character dials that help transcend the core sound into something beautiful, something abstract.

BODY - this is the core morphing dial of the instrument. As you move the modwheel or increase the BODY dial you will begin to hear the sound morph from an acoustic sounding instrument into a transfigured version of itself.

SOUL - This dial adds a series of effects at different stages that give the sound… soul.

SPIRIT - add a layer of dimension to the sound with the SPIRIT dial. Halfway through you will hear a spacious reverb, go all the way… and experience salvation!


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