Voodooshield Pro 3.51 Final


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Voodooshield Pro 3.51 Final
Voodooshield Pro 3.51 Final | 13.5 MB
Traditional blacklist antivirus software attempts to block the 15,000+ new viruses a day. Antivirus companies cannot possibly keep up with all of the new viruses. VoodooShield will block all the executable code (including viruses), except the software you allow. Most viruses attack through Web browsers. VoodooShield uses a proprietary proactive whitelist approach to virus protection. When used properly, VoodooShield will effectively block ALL email and browser-based viruses and malware. VoodooShield is extremely fast and lightweight.

Since VoodooShield is completely different from traditional antivirus software, it is VITAL that you understand how it works in order to use it properly. Training VoodooShield is much easier and quicker than you would think. On average, it takes around a total of 10 minutes to train VoodooShield. Once VoodooShield is trained, you never have to worry about annoying AntiVirus pop ups and scans again.

VoodooShield was designed to be a better alternative to the Microsoft Windows User Account Control (UAC). While VoodooShield is compatible with UAC, VoodooShield works best with UAC disabled, and on computers whose user accounts run as administrator. During installation, VoodooShield will disable UAC so it can run in an optimal state.


Simple Approach
-Traditional blacklist antivirus software can no longer keep up with the 200,000+ new viruses and malware created daily, so VoodooShield locks your computer and blocks all new, non-whitelisted executable code (including viruses and malware), while your computer is running a web app (browser, email, etc.). Traditional antivirus is great, but your computer should be locked when it is at risk.

The VoodooShield Difference
-VoodooShield uses a proprietary proactive whitelist snapshot approach to virus and malware protection. VoodooShield is a patent pending toggling Desktop Shield Gadget / Computer Lock that automatically toggles to ON and locks your computer when you start a web app. There is never a good reason to let new, non-whitelisted executable code run while a web app is running.

For Home and Business
-Since most viruses and malware attack through web browsers and email attachments, VoodooShield simply locks your computer when you are browsing the web or checking email. It also protects the user space when not at risk. When used properly, VoodooShield will effectively block all browser and email based viruses and malware. VoodooShield does not remove existing viruses.

Whats New :
- Added compression utilities to the vulnerable process list... I think they are all included, but if you guys find another one, please let me know
- There was an extremely uncommon silent blocking issue when VS could not determine the absolute path, this is fixed
- Blocking in Disable / Install Mode should be fixed, if not, please let me know
- Regional bug when the system time was changed to a different format should be fixed, if not, please let me know
- Drag and drop and the right click context "VoodooShield Scan" now supports all file types
- Logging bug fixed
- Too many command lines were being added to the list... should be fixed, if not, please let me know
- Xcopy was being blocked by batch files
- "Threats Blocked: x" to be a clickable button that leads you to the UI section that shows your quarantine/blocked was added
- A lot of other small fixes

Home Page - https://voodooshield.com/
Visit - My Blog
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Premium account is Recommended

Premium account is Recommended

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