Anglo-Saxons: History of the Germanic Inhabitants of England [Audiobook]

Anglo-Saxons: History of the Germanic Inhabitants of EnglandAudiobook

English | ASIN: B0B4PVVFCX | 2022 | 1 hour and 5 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 119 MB

In the Early Middle Ages, the Anglo-Saxons were a cultural group that resided in England. They traced their roots back to the arrival of incomers to Britain in the fifth century, who originated from the North Sea coastlands of continental Europe. The ethnogenesis of the Anglo-Saxons, on the other hand, happened in Britain, and the identity wasn't just imported. The contact between getting in groups of people from some Germanic tribe, both amongst themselves and with native British populations, led to the facility of an Anglo-Saxon identity. A lot of the native tribes ultimately incorporated and embraced Anglo-Saxon society and language. The Anglo-Saxons established the idea of England and the Kingdom of England, and the modern English language owes practically 26 percent of its vocabulary to them, including the great bulk of words used in daily discussion. The Anglo-Saxon period in history describes the period in Britain from roughly 450 to 1066, starting with their preliminary settlement and ending with the Norman Conquest.

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