Life by Design: How Successful People Use Manifestation [Audiobook]

Life by Design: How Successful People Use ManifestationAudiobook

English | ISBN: 9781456644536 | 2024 | 4 hours and 12 minutes | M4B@128 kbps | 231 MB

"Life by Design: How Successful People Use Manifestation" is an invitation to a world where success is a deliberate creation, not a stroke of luck. This transformative guide explores the deep roots of manifestation, revealing its impact across cultures and its potential to shape not only individual lives but the entire cosmos. Discover the daily habits that successful individuals employ to turn ordinary routines into extraordinary outcomes, supported by affirmations and exercises. Going beyond spiritual insights, the book provides scientific perspectives on why manifestation works, bridging the gap between the ethereal and the physical with research and psychological understanding. Embrace setbacks as stepping stones, learning how to navigate obstacles on your path to success. Through case studies, witness firsthand how manifestation can cultivate wealth beyond measure. Turn self-reflection into self-actualization, correcting misalignments that may hinder prosperity. This guide breaks through mental obstacles, taps into unseen energies, and teaches advanced manifestation techniques for attracting success.

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