AOM Total Bundle v1.9.5 OSX-R2R

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AOM Total Bundle v1.9.5 WiN OSX-R2R

Team R2R | March 31 2019 |34 MB

Cyclic Panner
Invisible Limiter
Invisible Limiter G2
Stereo Imager D
Wave Shredder
Sakura Dither

Whats new in this version
A.O.M. has updated their audio plug-ins to version 1.9.5.

New Features and Enhancements:
[All Plugins] Introduce parameter snapshot feature. This supersedes A/B comparison feature.
[All Plugins] Support hierarchy in factory presets.
[All Plugins] Support undoing parameter reset.
[All Plugins] Support wheel increments/decrements in drop-down list.
[All Plugins] Add support for evaluation license.
[All Plugins, Windows] Introduce plugin zoom feature.
[Invisible Limiter / Invisible Limiter G2] Show internal sampling rate in quality parameter.
[Invisible Limiter G2] Make CPU load slightly lower.
[tranQuilizr] Add unit to bandwidth value.

Bug Fixes:
[All Plugins] Eliminate redundant memory (re) allocation. (potential performance improvement).
[All Plugins] Fix a bug that license status (key icon) did not become authorized state around 1 second after GUI open in some hosts.
[All Plugins] Fix a bug that parameter link in Cubase did not work after double-clicking knobs.
[All Plugins, Mac] Fix laggy display during knob operation. This fix also mitigates host's laggy display caused by plugins.
[Cyclic Panner] Eliminate inefficient memory allocation. (potential performance improvement).
[Invisible Limiter G2] Mitigate pop noise related to quality change.
[tranQuilizr] Fix a bug that tranQuilizr records empty undo history after touching equalizer points.
[tranQuilizr] Fix a potential bug of duplicated begin/end notification of mouse gesture.
[tranQuilizr] Mitigate pop noise related to filter's slope change.

[All Plugins] Disable in-plugin undo/redo feature in some hosts (Studio One, Ableton Live, Logic Pro). These hosts have native undo/redo feature and both have interfered each other.
[All Plugins] Increase number of digits when editing.
[All Plugins] Remove license file open dialog from in-plugin license installation dialog. Now this feature supports only drag-and-drop of license file.
[All Plugins] Switch from modal dialog to full-window dialog. This avoids potential bug caused by window modality and order.
[Cyclic Panner] Change panpot value representation like "C" or "L 50".
[Invisible Limiter G2] Remove preset-load lock feature (tablet icon). Now plugin always accepts parameter load by user operation. Factory presets do not overwrite current settings of gain, wet mix, unity gain monitoring, bypass parameters.

System Requirements
OS X 10.9.5 - 10.14 (64bit only)


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