Space for Evolution

Space for Evolution

Zurab Andguladze | 2002 | ASIN: B08YS2GS9D | English | 458 pages | ePUB | 554 KB

To avoid extinction from the Universe, humanity unites to launch the exoplanet colonization. Spaceships set off to Earth-like planets. Centuries will pass before mankind receives the answer from the other side. Will there still be hope after all these long years of waiting? There, on a distant corner of a hostile Galaxy, is a new life. A colony, yet unknown to those left on Earth, is destined to build an interstellar bridge that will unite both worlds. But Universe has its ways to interfere even with the most scrupulous plans. An unprecedented obstacle threatens colonists, draining their dream to find the way back to their ancestors. Three youngsters – Ama, Mafkona, and Omis – have to go on a trip and face hazards of their native, yet alien world. Knowing that they are a part of something much larger than themselves, young colonists are striving to overcome the challenge whatever it takes. Will their efforts be enough to change the fate of humanity?

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