Measure Theory and Functional Analysis

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Measure Theory and Functional Analysis

Nik Weaver, "Measure Theory and Functional Analysis"
2013 | ISBN-10: 981450856X | 212 pages | PDF | 1 MB

This book provides an introduction to measure theory and functional analysis suitable for a beginning graduate course, and is based on notes the author had developed over several years of teaching such a course. It is unique in placing special emphasis on the separable setting, which allows for a simultaneously more detailed and more elementary exposition, and for its rapid progression into advanced topics in the spectral theory of families of self-adjoint operators. The author's notion of measurable Hilbert bundles is used to give the spectral theorem a particularly elegant formulation not to be found in other textbooks on the subject.

Readership: Graduates students in mathematics (pure and applied) in their first or second year, graduate students in physics or engineering, and economics.

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