Few Vey Important and Urgent Tips.

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Its been long time that we havnt Publish any News about the Site and about your Blog Promotion so here we are again.

We hav-e now the Following.

Your can add any post to click "+" to your bookmarks.
When u do that that particular post will be available in your bookmarks.
Click "-" and post will be removed from your bookmarks.
All simple and easy.

2. RSS - Main page:
RSS for MAIN PAGE is now fully activated and available via url:

3. Search:
We every day monitoring our search engine and trying make it better and best.

Here is the Latest statistic at this moment .
a) We have more than 200 000 registered users now.
b) More than 30 000 articles are now available! BIG thanks for all who make quality articles for peoples.

We are still working with script and make it better. More others features will be available later.

4) Blog promotion tools.
All must be thinking that we dont allow Blog Advertise in own Article But Good to announce that We have allowed it.

Now your have own blog with url: blogname.softarchive.net , so your can advertise it easily!
How? = For it your have own HEAD.

For example: url to u blog after download links, Watermark for your images, try PROMO with rapidshare acc, make any "CONTEST" for users in your blog! Try all what your think is right! We will sure allow it!

Q-Why you need this wayt?

A- We dont approve many articles for main, because we can't approve all ebooks for main or all graphics articles for main and etc.
But all Article will be saved in your Blog even if we dont approve it For MAIN PAGE

Last but not least. You dont need to PM us regarding your Article that why it hasnt given on MAIN PAGE.

Friends, You have your own Blog Now and you need to Keep Trying to Promote it and very soon you will see that How many user has started Liking It.

Thanks to you all fiends
SA Team


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