Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
This was a very busy year for SANET/SoftArchive. During this year we have implemented a lot of changes from new functionality to general website update. All of this has been done during one of the toughest years we have ever had. Thanks everyone who is with us – everything was done for you.

SoftArchive Team wishes you Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
*As we haven’t written about changes at the website for a long time we are going to tell about these now.

1. Privacy.

a) Registration in our website does not require email confirmation anymore. What’s more, users can now delete their Email from their accounts in My Profile (important: if an account does not have an email assigned it will be impossible to restore password).

If you removed an Email from your account and want to add it again it’s also possible to do this in My Profile (when changing an old email for a new one you will be asked to confirm the new email only – you will receive a link to this email which is supposed to be click in order to confirm this is your email).
Your Email is necessary for notifications:
- When another user replies to your comment;
- About new personal messages sent you on the website;
- About important SoftArchive events (~1 email per 2-3 years);
- For blog writers: about new comments to your news published.
All these things can be switched off in My Profile => General: “Disable notification” and “Unsubscribe from website news”.

b) User password can now contain up to 32 characters.

c) Third party hit counters (for instance, Google Analytics) have been deleted from all website pages. We do not want to transfer data about our visitors to Google or other companies which spy on users and use their personal data in advertising or other purposes.
To gather statistics, we now use the script with open source code located at our servers where third party companies do not have access. Hit counters get blocked by all ad blockers (Adblock, AdGuard etc.etc.),however we have blocked these from our side as well.

2. Advertising.

We have removed pop-up ads from all webpages and for all users including those who are not registered. You have been complaining and worrying about this advertising for a long time, so we would like you to rest assured that these are not malware or malicious scripts. This was just advertising. Yes, it may be annoying, but please keep in mind that we are a free website that exists only due to advertising and donations. If our website faces financial issues we will use pop-ups again for unregistered users only. At the moment we accept donations via Bitcoin only – the address is in the website footer.

3. Search.

By popular request we have restored covers for news in the search. Now when you hover over a news line with your mouth cursor you will see a corresponding cover displayed. We have also added a column displaying file size into the search.

4. Movies and TV shows covers at the main page.

Since “Tags cloud” was not popular we decided to replace it for displaying movies and TV shows got most popular within last 24 hours. If you want to switch this block off – just go to My Profile => General => Hide Latest Movies Bar.

5. Links checking — working/dead. (currently in test mode)

Most of links added recently is checked (“dead link” check). The link status is displayed next to a link.

6. Website mirrors.

In connection with possible website blocking we foresaw the opportunity of accessing our website at alternative URLs – for example, for Australian citizens the website is fully accessible at this URL:
All information regarding current website URL and its mirrors is available here:

We have planned a lot of new for the upcoming year!

Stay with us and tell your friends about our website. Today file sharing seems to be something difficult and complicated for many people, but we know how easy it is to share one’s knowledge!

Enjoy your holidays!

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