New version of SA "titles" mode!

New version of SA "titles" mode!
We are Back With more Fantastic Addition!

In our previous post, we showed beta version of main page. It is available now!
As you can see one more button added on main page named "titles".This button will customize pages of SA to show them as "titles" - simple , short and informative. Not Like? no problem, you can stay with Covers or List mode also.

More info about this fantastic mode "titles", find out It inside ...

"titles" mode will change many parts of site:
- search pages;
- blogs pages;
- by date pages;
- categories pages;
All these pages will changed to "titles" look too if your choose "titles" mode.

Another one awesome feature of this mode:
New version of SA "titles" mode!
Now you can Customize Main Page of SoftArchive with "titles" mode the way you like:
- Choose "titles" mode;
- Open "My Profile"=>"FrontPage Widgets" and here you go!

New version of SA "titles" mode!
*You can add any category/sub-category(widget) to main page!
*Add Compilation page or Your Bookmarks also possible!
*Change quantity of posts personally for any widget.
*Change position for any widget on main page! Simply drag to top or lower the widgets.

And as a bonus, one more feature was added for RSS lovers, now all sub-categories/genres have RSS Chanel!

For You & By You, We Will Touch the Sky & Beyond!

Stay Tuned with SA Team! More Surprises Will Come soon !

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