New website address – update your favorites!


We have updated our website address for
Now we suggest you updating your bookmarks!
Of course, you will be automatically redirected from the previous URL to the new, however we recommend you to keep your bookmarks up-to-date.
Why is it important to keep bookmarks up-to-date?
There could be different situation – for instance, one our domains ( was blocked by the domain name registrar namecheap(dot)com not long ago. The block reason was not connected to the website topic – it was solely the registrar’s decision related to a different issue. They didn’t compromise as it’s easier for them to block a domain and ignore any requests. As a result a lot of users had to “search” for our website in search engines as they hadn’t update the bookmarks and used the outdated URL.

Therefore despite you will be automatically redirected to our new address every time you enter the old one we still highly recommend you to update your bookmarks and always keep them up-to-date. It would make sense to change URL in RSS links too.

The domain we are using today is:

If you have not noticed it yet – we have updated our bookmarks section.
After serious changes we’ve made with the bookmarks:
- These are displayed only in the titles mode.
- One can easily remove any bookmark right from the bookmarks page.
- Bookmarks page pagination has been added.
- You can add pages of the movies you like to bookmarks. As you may probably know most movies on our website have their own pages, like Doctor Strange (2016) - this is a page for this very movie where you can find the information regarding all posts with this movie; our website also provides convenient navigation around tabs with different video quality like 1080p, 720p etc. Now these pages can also be added to bookmarks. Bookmarks table with movies will always be displayed above the table with posts bookmarks.

We are going to introduce the same changes in the TV section soon.

Is that all?
No! We have also improved the search system! Now the words you are looking for are highlighted in the search results. Furthermore RSS is now available for all search requests!

Thank you for staying with us!

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