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    Dearest Friends!
    SoftArchive Team wishes YOU most amazing holidays from core of our heart.

    We always appreciate your continues support whether you are a guest, member, subscriber, uploader or past staff member. You all are the part of what SoftArchive is today and we assure you our hard work and continues struggle to bring new releases, features and a great helping community in 2015 and beyond.

    Again thanks to everyone for continue presence here, have a Fabulous New Year and enjoy the fireworks keeping your safety in mind.

    With best wishes,
    SoftArchive Team
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    Time now for new series of features for our Dear Members.

    Its been Long time, we have not published any thing about changes we made. so here we go.
    First thing first, lets us tell you about our working in last 1/2 months.
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    Dear SA members/uploaders,

    From now on, we add some more requirements for our uploaders to make sure that all members get maximum quality posts.
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    Dear members and visitors,

    We are sure that you were waiting for our announcement about new feature in movies section. As your are experiencing for the past few days in some of movies posts - "Available in versions" - and keep questioning in mind or tried this feature already.

    Finally we have complete it today. As you all know that after we changed categories, many users said that they want quality of movies feature back and you know us well, we always listen and read comments by our users and we try to do what they want with our best effords, which offcourse make SA a unique site with compare to other same sites.

    After Your feedback we realize "movie quality" can be sorted in better style than before.
  • So...................New year Party Ended. We are back to our so loving screens and thinking of new year 2014 slowly with some goals to complete or to have some more parties , celebrations, events through out the new year....

    SoftArchive always tries to become a better sharing place and good communications between each other to make it more better. And today also we come up with a post to share our feeling with each others.

    Let's share that how we
    - celebrate New year
    - what sort of gifts we get this year or give to our loved ones ?
    - what are our expectation for this year
    - How's our mood and feeling for this year?
    share with SA Community.

    Once Again, A very Happy New Year to all our Visitors from SA Team

    Thanks You
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    A Warm WELCOME to all our visitors in this New Year!

    We are so happy to see you and committed to provide you more better environment on softarchive in this year also . We value and appreciate all the feedback we have received in past and in this year. Please keep yourself involved and share your thoughts with us as you are doing for past many years. We will make sure that your every visit on softarchive give you new feeling with lots of stuff you were looking for.

    Stay Tuned with SA Team !
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    Dear Members and Guests

    As the holiday season approaches, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued loyalty. Its always SoftArchive Members and Guests who add the pleasure to our job and keep SoftArchive successful and improved day by day.

    May your holiday season and New Year be filled with much joy, happiness and success. We looking forward to making SoftArchive even more better in the coming year and years!

    Happy Holidays!

    SATeam - iNDEx - TheHunter - zaithe - rzzv93
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    Dear SA Members and Guests,

    As you were waiting and expecting, we come up again with updates upon your feedback and suggestions.
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    Hello Dear Members and Guests

    1) We are happy to come up with New Main Page look. From now onwards, you can choose type of Viewing/reading main page which are Covers (New Addition) or List (like before you read SA). Also now articles per current date (main page) will be sorted by total Likes (More Likes, Most Top Position). Sorting will not be included for previous dates. Do not COLLECT POWER! Be Interactive ! "Like" of article - reduce only 0.001 of your "POWER". Hope you will love it. This feature is still in Beta Version and you positive feedback will make it final.
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    Good Day to Our Dear Members Viewers and Visitors,

    As You requested, recommend and send feedback to us, we are happy to announce that we have changed the topic rating system from "like/dislike" to "HEART/LIKE" !

    The new rating system will count "LIKE" only and +1 will be added for the Post which you select to give.

    The Answer to members who are wondering that why we changed this system, is that we received feedback that some Uploaders and Haters ( Not Lover atleast ) are misusing the Dislike button to make bad image for the author. When Uploaders/Members start Complaining about it, we start thinking and get sugesstion from our Members (Thanks for Active Particpation). And now we made it possible to remove the "Dislike".
  • SATeam always try to approach our user with new feature, styles, changes. So may our respectful users don't get bored as they visit us daily, 7 days a week. And now this time.

    We have a big surprise for You!
    The NEW Version of Your Most Favourite Website SoftArchive.
    In New SA, we tried to Keep all things in the usual place to make you easy to adopt.

    We hope you will like this new version.
    If during using, you find any bug or think that it is a bug or you are uncomfort with, then it is very important to report it to us. Please send us the bug report on .

    Now time to enjoy the NEW Year again with NEW SA
    Your Comment are important to us!
    Thanks to you all friends
    SA Team
  • The New Year is nearly here! And Before any body else , we SA TEAM want to wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR to All of YOU no matter where you from and what you do. We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

    With Regards,
    SA Team
  • We want to present you our new FileHostings Feature
    Yes...........Since Long we have not give any update to our users, but time has come to make and let you know about it!
  • Dear Members and Visitors,

    Time to make some changes with file-hosting services.
    As you know, our mandatory file hosts are: RapidShare or MediaFire + ANY other mirrors.

    Why we want to change it?

  • SoftArchive wishes you the best this holiday season and a very happy new year!

    2012 is already here and we would like to thank all our visitors for staying with us.

    28 Photos From Around the World

    - Read more!

    Peace and Thank You – SATeam