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We Know That You are Irritated Now because You Cannot access Private Blog Fully If You are Not Connected to that Particular Blog.

You May be Saying Now -"WTF"?. I dont need or dont care This Feature. But If you want to download Files from Those SA Uploader Articles which are from Private Blog - You Must Connect to That Particular Blog. This way You are Respecting SA Uploader Hard Working which They are making you available Everyday.

And, When you get connected, Bravo, You can read all New Posted Articles from This SA Uploader in Feature call “COMPILATION”!

COMPILATION”! - Using this feature, If you are Connected ,You Dont need to Open Blogs Everyday To Download Those Uploader Files Cause All will be available Now in your compilation.

We have also Modified Some beautiful Features for ADMIN of SA BLOGS .
Mark all as - User” and “Auto approve users?”
Any Admin of SA Blog must check immidiatly in admin cp.
1- (DEFAULT) Yes (No need To check user by myself)
2- No (I will check manually)
After You Select, Click SAVE for save settings.

If you Select 1= New user simple click connect and click reload page and he immidiatly get CONNECTED without admin approval of that Blog.
If You Select 2 = New user click connect but he has to wait for ADMIN, And when admin check his ADM CP and approve, user will see his Private blog . Its Totally Adm of that Blog Desire either allow that User or not.

Another small good feature for all - LEFT BLOCK –“MY BLOGS
Now we can see maximum 15 blogs (when you are connected) in this block. You can say – “where another blogs are ???” –
Very Simple Answer for that.
If you clickMY BLOGS” you will see all you blogs where you connected.

Best regards,

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