Qualities of movie now available

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Qualities of movie now available
Dear members and visitors,

We are sure that you were waiting for our announcement about new feature in movies section. As your are experiencing for the past few days in some of movies posts - "Available in versions" - and keep questioning in mind or tried this feature already.

Finally we have complete it today. As you all know that after we changed categories, many users said that they want quality of movies feature back and you know us well, we always listen and read comments by our users and we try to do what they want with our best effords, which offcourse make SA a unique site with compare to other same sites.

After Your feedback we realize "movie quality" can be sorted in better style than before.

- Now all available qualities of movie will automatically shown in post.

- After click on any quality (1080p, 720p, BRRIP, DVDRIP etc.), will open separate movie page with selected quality where you can see important info like ratings (imdb,rotten tomatoes ), release date, cast AND all available qualities on one page. This page will show respective movie posts by all uploaders with simple and intuitive Interface.

- Added comments, where u can talk about movie, post your reviews or requests. But please do not say "Thank You" on this page - this comments will be removed from movie pages. These comments do not carry semantic load on this page. So Be more original and refrain from simple "Thanks or Thank You"

Hope all who waiting for this feature are happy now

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Stay tuned for MORE!
SA Team

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