SA Team releases a new Feature for our dear members !

This post was published 12 years ago. Download links are most likely obsolete.
If that's the case, try asking the author to reupload.


SA Team is as always trying to read your thoughts and reveal what you wish to have while surfing and picking up !

So It's Time now for One of series of our New Features to Hit ! Can we depend on you !

Help SA Team to remove what Wastes Time or Cheats us to make our Community as We all Wish Hand in Hand !

To support us, DONT forget to provide us with Info needed (Reasons for Complaints, and a proof of what you claim " you can upload a screenshot to help us")

"We Fight Ads, Dead or Broken Links, Posts with fake Info, Malware within, Duplicate Posts, Out-of-date Posts, etc.,"

How does this Feature work?
Just click post title and then, you can find the alarm image next to each post title to the right !

We will Fly beyond what others can See or even can Imagine ! Stay Tuned !


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