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This post was published 12 years ago and the download links can be irrelevant.
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Rev. Patrons and all Our Friends of SA. First of all We wish you always Good Day.Since from last few days Our Technical Engineer are working day and Night with this New Script.We still need few more days to totally complete Our New features.The "Top Blog" as well as many more features will be available very soon . We are working with its design and if you have any Trouble or Sugession with this Design, Kindly PM me with Screenshots.As soon as we are finished with the Script, F.A.Q. about all features will be available for all Our most beloved User and Members.

Lets keep our Finger Crossed.
Thank you very much- We Love you all.
1. If you are loking for Old Files from SA. Dont Worry. All Old Links will be available soon when we are done with Our all features.

2.XXX Category are available Only for 18+above Registered Users. If you want it, Please go to your Profile and choose Show Adult Content and Save it. (18+above only!)


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