SoftArchive Search Engine UPDATE

SoftArchive Search Engine UPDATE
Hi everyone!

Many users in past ask for improvements in search on SA. We take this thing very seriously and now we have update our search and improved it further.

We checked all modules of search and list out all the problems first and then fixed them one by one and , Almost finished now. In previous version of search, the main problem was with private blogs . There was a small misunderstanding, for example: if author of blog make their blog as private => all posts in blog automatically unavailable for guests search and for users with "Family Safety Filter" - ON.

Now we fully changed this algorithm, from now on, posts from private blogs will be available for all registered users for search but will be unavailable for guests. Regarding showing 18+ content for users with "Family Safety Filter" ON, now authors of blogs can mark their blog as "18+ blog". And all post of "18+" blog will be visible in search but only for registered users without "Family Safety Filter" (FSF). Guests and members with FSF will not see this content . Please give us some more time, we will manually mark some blogs as "18+" as fast as possible.

So finally , no more misunderstanding regarding private blogs. We hope that All will clear now.

Other than above upgradtion...

We also added some new features to our search engine as follows.
1) Now in search, you can see tabs of categories with number of posts where the relivant word/phrase was found . Tabs are clickable and you can choose tabs where this word/phrase was found and easy navigate to category which you need - books, games, apps etc.

SoftArchive Search Engine UPDATE
2) "Advanced Search" - easy to access, just click on cogwheel icon and you will see all settings which you need.
SoftArchive Search Engine UPDATE
We hope you will like new and updated features in SA search.

Still, we need your further feedback so please do it in comments.
SA Team

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