The latest updates on our website

Check the latest updates on our website!

We are always trying to improve the website and to make it more convenient for our users. We’d like to share the news regarding the latest updates of our website in this post!

But firstly we’d like to mention a new “Idea box” section that has recently appeared in our Community – now you can send us any idea on how to improve or change the website. You create a new topic, we check it and if the idea can be implemented we work on it. We pay more attention to the topics where a bigger number of users left comments. Therefore if you notice a topic offered by another user and you liked his or her idea – please support it and leave your comment. We’ll make our website better together!

:: Changes in publications for Movies category.

You had been asking us to do it for a long time! Authors often publish one and the same movie with different quality. On the user’s end it looks like spam and a website page is them overloaded with 5-10 posts dedicated to the same movie.

Now the author attaches all movie versions with different quality to one post only. Many of you have already noticed what it looks like (check the screenshot below):

Changes in publications for Movies category
We are working on adding pretty the same thing for TV category in the nearest future. Sometimes there are also too many versions of one episode with different quality or simply too many episodes, when let’s say, an author adds 10 episodes of the same series by posting various news. We are going to fix this for the TV section soon.

:: Subscription for “Connect/Disconnect” blogs.

Subscription for blogs
As MyBlogs and Compilation sections are not that popular among the users we have decided to remove them and to make your stay on our website simpler.
As a result there are private blogs on our website now. You only need to log in to read them! No extra mouse clicks with “Connect/Disconnect”!

We hope that after we have deleted all unneeded things your visit of our website becomes more convenient. Now one of our top priority tasks is to make the interface more comfortable and user-friendly.

If you disagree or happy with the removal of this feature – please let us know what you think and leave a comment. Your opinion is very important for us!

:: Comments display.

Comments display
After changes in comments display many users faces issues with new and unfamiliar sorting (from the newest on the top to the oldest in the bottom). We have added an option allowing you to adjust it yourself in “MyProfile”. Just go to “MyProfile”, click “Browsing” tab, scroll the page down to the “Comments” section and check the box “Reverse comments order” if you prefer to sort comments from the newest to the oldest one or uncheck the box if you need the opposite.”MyProfile” also contains another checkboxes allowing to hide the display of “Top Comments” and “Uploader Comments”.

:: Exclusion of a website category.

Exclusion of a website category
By popular request of the users we have made this feature fully available. Now you can exclude absolutely any category of the website (it’s relevant for “list” and “covers” display modes).
In order to adjust the website display you need to go to “MyProfile” => “Browsing” and scroll down to “Filter posts by category”. You will see two fields. The left one shows the list of categories you can see now and the right one contains the excluded categories. To exclude a category click it in the left list and this category will automatically moved to the right field. Click “Save Changes for Browsing” and that’s it – the category is now excluded!

:: Homepage display.

Homepage display
Website homepage has been replaced for the page containing a search box. The reason is blocking of our website in search engines. We have done our best to make this new thing as trouble-free as possible. By clicking the logo on that new homepage you will be brought to the old homepage.

We have also introduced a great deal of graphic improvements and changes. We’ve got lots of other ideas on the roadmap! If you want to contribute – please use the appropriate section of our Community section.

Thank you for choosing our website!
Any comments and fair criticism are welcome!

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