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Dear SA members.We are allmost done with our New Script Features but still some more work to do.

Here is the Reply of your much asked questions.
1- Quick Search Why not working?
We dont want Google Search Now so We are working with our own Search Engine. When we are done, Search will be available for all again.
Its really a very hard work to optimise all these but dont worry. We are doing that. Kindly Try to Understand Us.

2-Where are the Categories which we were having in OLD SA.
A - Now we have only Category Like ( Software, Music, Games etc ). But now we have very Good Feature like TAGS.
With the help of TAGS , you can find all what you are looking for.
For Example,
Type is your Browser "https://sanet.st/tag/Wallpapers/"
Within a second you will see all wallpaper which are Posted here.

3- Where is RSS now ?
All RSS will available later in very short period and all Blog will have there Own Channel.

Here is our Explanation that why we have changed everything in this New SA.
These days all Internet Sites are using DLE Script. Allmost all Sites are using this.
This is very very easy for them to copy Our all ideas what we have and they all publish in there Sites.
Now We have stopped them to do that because of this new Script System.
We dont copy other style. We have our own Style and now no other Site Owner( Admin) can take and steal it from Us.
Finally Finally.We Must say.
We are 100 percent safe now.
Thank you very much for reading this article.

With Regards,
SA Team


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