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About the Term Search
We are finished with Search Now. We have our own Search .No More Google Search anymore now.
Only Our own Personal Search is available.
All Blogs have there own Search Tool Too.

Qustion you May have in your Mind now.
Q- Then what will happen about Search on vip-soft.net.
A- Search will be continue with Google on it for atleast more than 1 or 2 Week more.

We have RSS now.
All Blogs have there own Rss Channel at this Moment.

About Bookmark
Now all users can use "Bookmarks" and if they like any post they can click "+" and this post will be added in there Bookmarks.

Lasltly, We feel happy and Proud that we have more than 180.000 registered users now.

In right bottom block "Statistic" Registered Users Online xxxx
We have only calculated Registered user at this moment but we have many many Unregistered User too and they are registering every hours so numbers is growing every day.

We are glad to announce that We have more than 10000 articles which was contributed only in gap of 18 Day.

Regards and have a very Wonderfull Time always .
SA Team


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