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Dear SA members/uploaders,

From now on, we add some more requirements for our uploaders to make sure that all members get maximum quality posts.

As You all know, any user of SA can Create their blog in past then we forced to restrict access for creation of blog page because many uploaders are working on many sites and they don't care about the quality in their posts - just copy and paste without any individualism, they also do not care about the comments or quality of post. We are although not against it but we will definitely say no to uploaders who:

- uploading same staff (copy/paste) on more than 3 sites.
- post quality is very bad.
- too many duplicates (posting without search).
- much bad/wrong or not working content.
- leeching content from other sites.

In Past, we were simply banning these uploaders but they think that they are more smart and they re-register them self. Dont think about improving their working so...

We come up with new solution
Now blog will be created only through Invite Code!!!

Question: Who can give invite to create blog?
Answer: Only Verified Uploader (ex.Trusted Uploader)

Question: What will be with members who already have blogs?
Answer: Restriction is only for NEW registered members.

Verified Uploader is also responsible for Invite Code so be sure that you give invitation to good uploaders.

We always want to make SA more clear and quality oriented. cleaning operation is begun from now on.

SATeam Like Quality of Posts not Quantity of Posts.
Best regards,
SA Team

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