La Yeni - Yarrow Under the Moon (2022)

La Yeni - Yarrow Under the Moon (2022)

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The harp has an ancient history. The original fairy race of Ireland, the Tuatha de Daanan, revered the harp for its power to make anyone weep or dance. Mighty Dagda, of whom the ballads are sung, was the father of the Tuatha, the lord of knowledge, had in his possession many beautiful and wondrous things. He had a deadly club that could kill nine men with one blow, a tree whose branches were forever bent with fruit, two pigs, one of which grew bigger while the other was roasting, the cauldron from which no man could walk away unsatisfied and which was said to be able to heal all wounds, and a magical harp. Of all the artifacts at his command, the harp was the most revered, for with it he put the four seasons in their right order and could ready warriors for battle. Carved of the first oak tree and inlaid with gold and precious jewels, its music was fit to make an angel dance or weep. Sorrows of the heart, mind and body melted like ice under a warm spring sun at the sound of its delicate tones.


01. La Yeni - Yarrow Under the Moon
02. La Yeni - Fairy Dance
03. La Yeni - Star of the County Down
04. La Yeni - Scarborough Fair
05. La Yeni - Unshakeable Love
06. La Yeni - Willy O' Winsbury
07. La Yeni - Waiting so Long
08. La Yeni - Selkie
09. La Yeni - Lord Baker
10. La Yeni - She Moved Through the Fair
11. La Yeni - Yarrow at Sunrise

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