Large Scale Apps with Svelte and TypeScript

Large Scale Apps with Svelte and TypeScript

English | 2023 | ISBN: NA | 272 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 8.3 MB

Build Large and Scalable front-ends that leverage component isolation, a centralized state manager, internationalization...

Build Large and Scalable front-ends with a large organized code base that is easy to expand and maintain using technique like:

Development of UI components in isolation using an API client that can easily serve live data or mocked data
Centralized state manager
Create Custom Component Libraries
Internationalization and Localization for language translation and number/dates formatting according to a specific culture
TypeScript type-checking at development time to decrease run-time bugs or errors
Directory structure, file, and code naming conventions
Unit tests for models and components
Container Components
Composition architecture (hooks)
And more

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