Complete java course (oop, data structures, multithreading)

Learn programming in Java from scratch

Published 08/2022
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Build your engineering thinking with the various topics in this course (basics, oop, data structures, multithreading)

What you'll learn
We will start with the basics of java
Object Oriented Programming
Working with databases in java
Data structures implementations from scratch

If you start from the beginning, you don't need any programming experience.
You can buy this course for a certain section, meaning that you can have any level of experience.

I made this course for many types of people

- the ones that want to get started with programming in java

- the ones that are interested in one particular topic.

Int the first section I presented the basics of java like knowing your java project composition, functions, data types.

After that, we get into the Object Oriented Programming section, where we take a look at the most important principles and at the end we are modeling a real world application at the end.

Next, another important topic in java, working with files. You will write and read the most used types of files, like XML, JSON, TXT, BINARY FILES.

Another important section is the data structures one, where you will develop the algorithmic thinking, by implementing the most important data structures from scratch.

Also, let's not forget about the multithreading section. Here you will see how you can optimise your programs to compute faster

First, I covered the basics of the java programming language, then got to the more complicated topics, like object oriented programming, data structures, multithreading, working with databases.

In each lesson I presented concepts of writing clean and sustainable code. At the end, you will be able to use these concepts to understand any java given framework.

I worked on this course for several months, putting all my passion into it, trying to bring all the valuable information at the surface, filtering out the noise.

I really hope that you will like it! Please do not forget to give me some constructive feedback/ rate my course/ comment your opinion on it.

Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to recap/learn a certain part of Java
Beginner developers who want to know more about java



Learn programming in Java from scratch (2022)

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