Industry ready weapon and attachment creation for videogames

Industry ready weapon and attachment creation for videogames
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 21 lectures (20h 39m) | Size: 16.8 GB
Master Blender, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag 4 and create a gameready revolver + attachments along the way

What you'll learn:
Achieve industry ready excellence mastering Blender, Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag 4
Learn Blender all the way from basic navigation and controls over to modeling and unwrapping a game ready asset
Learn how to create photorealistic textures in Substance Painter from basic materials all the way to tiny specks of dust and wear and tear
Create stunning looking renders in Marmoset Toolbag 4 including turntable videos and animations

The introduction to Blender course will teach you all the necessary basics before we start with the revolver. Every step is explained in real time and commented on.


19 HD Revolver Tutorial Videos ~ around an hour per video.

+ 2 HD Introduction to Blender Videos ~also around an hour per video. (for those completely new to Blender)

Essential reference images

Full audio commentary in English


Hello everyone! Tim from ChamferZone here. I am excited to share with you the all new, state-of-the-art weapon tutorial featuring Blender as well as Marmoset Toolbag 4 and Substance Painter for baking, texturing and portfolio ready renders. Learn how to create a customizable revolver, intended for FPS games, together with two mountable attachment pieces for it: a flashlight as well as reflex scope same as you would find it in almost any FPS video game these days. We built the revolver fully detachable: you can even take the rail off! Make sure to watch the short chapter overview video to get the full picture.

Chapter 1 - Blender: Modeling, Unwrapping & Baking

The tutorial starts in Blender while relying on the proven modeling techniques, modifiers, free plugins as well as careful studying reference images to make sure we catch even the smallest details.

Once we get to the high poly part we're going to make use of blender's remesher capabilities which is an amazing way to create high poly models in a modifier based and non-destructive environment and with excellent results.

After the modeling part is completed, we will jump into the UV Editor and start unwrapping our models in order to have the perfect UV layout for our later texture. For that, we make use of excellent free plugins to max out our texture space. No pixel shall be left behind!

At the end of this chapter we will prepare the low and high poly model by making sure we have the right naming convention, smoothing group setup as well as materials assigned.

Chapter 2 - Baking in Marmoset and Texturing in Substance Painter

After the Blender part we export our high and low poly models over to Marmoset Toolbag 4 which has one of the best baking tools available. Here we will bake our base maps such as Normal, Object Space Normal, Curvature, AO, Position as well as the Thickness Map.

As we do that, we will conveniently paint out any skewing that we have on some parts of the texture.

After that, we will import our maps over to Substance Painter where we create two different texture versions for the revolver: a Chrome version as well as a metallic paint coated one. Learn how to work with alpha textures, making use of various materials, smart materials and how to use procedural masks and generators to form up the wear and tear resulting in a photo realistic appearance.

Chapter 3 - Portfolio ready renders in Marmoset Toolbag 4

As a finishing touch we will take another visit to Marmoset Toolbag 4 where we create portfolio ready renders, a turntable animation as well as having a quick look on how to arrange a scene in Blender and bringing it back to Marmoset for scene composition renders. This episode can be watched free on the ChamferZone Youtube where you will also find a lot of shorter but equally in-depth and comprehensive game art tutorials as this big course here. You will also find the Blender for beginners course on there which is included to this tutorial as a warm up for anyone completely new to Blender.

I look forward seeing you in the tutorial. Happy modeling and cheers! ?

Instructor Biography

Hi everyone! I'm Tim - Sr. 3D Artist with 14 years of industry experience having worked on numerous games at Crytek, Ubisoft and Digital Extremes as well as being my own boss at ChamferZone which is centered around creating tutorials and 3D assets. In my tutorials I'll show you every step for creating AAA quality 3D Game Art to get you industry ready too!

Who this course is for
Beginners that are willing to challenge themselves and achieve excellence. This course is not meant to be a sprint. Consider it a marathon till the end to achieve excellency.
Industry ready weapon and attachment creation for videogames
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