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Java 21 Virtual Threads and Structured Concurrency

Java 21 Virtual Threads and Structured Concurrency

Last updated 1/2024
Created by Viraj Shetty
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Java 21 Virtual Threads, Multithreading, Structured Concurrency, Scoped Values, Continuations and use with Spring Boot

What you'll learn:
What are the Scalability problems of Java Threads
Hands On and Theoretical understanding of Virtual Threads
How to use Spring Boot with Virtual Threads
How to use the Structured Concurrency pattern in Java
What are Scoped Values and how are they different from Thread Locals
Hands On and Theoretical understanding of Delimited Continuations
What is the internal Implementation of Virtual Threads
Why Virtual Threads is a game changer for Non Blocking IO
Advantages of Virtual Threads over Reactive frameworks
Bonus Refresher Section on Java Futures and Completable Futures

At least Entry level Java Programming with some Java Threads knowledge required
A curious Java Developer who wants to understand the cutting edge Concurrency initiatives in Java

Recent Updates : Added new Section on scalability using Virtual Threads with Spring Boot 3.2.0 and JDK 21Project demonstrating scaling a Spring Boot application to 100,000 concurrent users with impressive response timeBonus Section on Java Futures and Completable Futures as a RefresherProject Loom in a new revolutionary initiative in OpenJDK to create a Lightweight implementation of Threads called Virtual Threads (available in JDK 21). Java Virtual Threads promises to revolutionize the way non blocking code is written and dramatically reduce costs by using less resources in the Cloud. Instead of relying on complex Reactive programming, Java developers can now write code sequentially and still achieve the same result in many cases. This is one of the most extensive changes in the Java Platform and it will be a game changer for writing highly scalable Multithreading applications. Existing code (like Spring Boot code) can also take advantage of this new technology with minor modifications. Developers and Architects can help their Organization cut costs by using less number of machines to support the same number of users. Be a hero by proposing the use of Virtual Threads in your project.WHAT THE LEARNERS ARE SAYING:5 STARS - This was pleasurable journey. Very informative, understandable and easy to follow. I wish there was such a course about java io/nio, net/sockets on Udemy.5 STARS - Excellent course .. simplified such a complex topic ! Great work !!5 STARS - Excellent introduction to virtual threads and the complex concepts are explained with simple diagrams, which makes it easy to visualize the inner workings of virtual threads.5 STARS - Great course. Nice start with describing all the concurrency concepts. Course includes practical examples and descriptive diagrams to understand better the internal workings of virtual threads. If somebody is interested in this subject - this course is a good choice to understand how threads in java works and virtual threads.5 STARS - Good and concise explanation. I'm looking forward to see virtual threads in a LTS version or at least as a non-preview featureIn this course, you will learn the followingHow to increase scalability and dramatically reduce costs using Virtual Threads ?What is the reason behind scalability issues of Java Platform Threads ? What are Virtual Threads and how are they different from Platform Threads ? How can developers scale their application using Virtual Threads in Spring Boot ?How do Virtual Threads work and why it's a game changer ?What is Structured Concurrency  and how to use it in Java ?What are Scoped Values and how are they different from Thread Locals ?What are Delimited Continuations  ? How do we do Multithreading with Virtual Threads and Structured Concurrency ?How are Virtual Threads implemented using Continuations ?  What is the difference between Java Virtual Threads and Reactive programming (at a high level) ? Join me in exploring Virtual Threads using a step-by-step and Hands-On approach to learning. By the end of the course, you will have an excellent grasp of Virtual Threads, Structured Concurrency, Thread Locals, Scoped Values and Continuations and how they can be used to write highly scalable Java applications using Spring Boot. REMEMBER… I'm so confident that you'll love this course that we're offering a FULL money-back guarantee for 30 days! So it's a complete no-brainer, sign up today with ZERO risk and EVERYTHING to gain.Note : Java Virtual Threads is available as part of JDK 21. Structured Concurrency and Scoped Value classes are available in JDK 21 as Preview features.

Who this course is for:
Java Developers who want to learn about Java Virtual Threads, Structured Concurrency and use in Spring Boot
Java Architects who want to know why Virtual Threads will help in cutting costs significantly



Java 21 Virtual Threads and Structured Concurrency

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