Learn Ethical hacking on any Computer, Mobile, Account

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Learn Ethical hacking on any Computer, Mobile, Account

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Without any prior experience or computer skills, you can master penetration testing and learn how to protect.

What you'll learn
Learn How to protect systems like a pro
Ethical hacking & Penetration testing on Computers, Phones, Emails
Install a hacking lab & needed software (on Windows).
Hack secure systems using client-side & social engineering.

A computer with a Windows operating system

- “The best way to protect against penetration is to learn the penetration test itself!”

Welcome to the Computer, Phone, and Email Penetration Testing Course! In this course, you do not need any previous experience in hacking, it is enough to know to use the mouse and keyboard in order to be able to use this course and obtain its content, at the end of this course you will be able to penetrate systems just like hackers and protect them just like security experts! Where you will be able to: hack Android phones and disable location services, and you will learn the concept of social engineering and how social engineering is used to pull sensitive information from people such as accounts and passwords, you will also learn how to encrypt viruses that will be made in this course and which the hacker itself uses to obtain a device Or the accounts or phones of the victims in order not to be exposed by the protection programs.

This course is a practical course rather than a theoretical one, so we will start talking about computer penetration, download the necessary programs for this chapter, and start directly by teaching you how to perform the first attack on a computer on which you are penetration testing!.

* Note that more lessons will be added to the course before 10/03/2022

The course contains four main chapters

1- Computer hacking chapter

This chapter will teach you how to test protection on computers, and how to perform multiple attacks on them. You will also learn how to hack computers through a link, an image, or a program that is downloaded to the penetration tester (which is the victim's device in the hacker's eyes), then you will be able to fully control All parts of the hacked device include mouse, keyboard, files, personal accounts stored on the computer, or other data. You will control the hacked device as if you were sitting completely behind it!

Summary of what you will learn in this chapter

Penetration testing


How to get a monthly salary and benefit financially through this chapter + the second semester

2- Penetration testing on Android phones

The content of this chapter is less than the first chapter. The reason is that most of the lessons that were supposed to be explained in this chapter have already been explained in the first chapter.

At the end of this course, you will be able to protect systems like a professional.

All the lessons are purely practical lessons, far removed from the boring and repetitive content, so it cost 4 months to create this course, although it only lasts one hour, it was actually used in seconds, and I hope it achieves the goal I came for.

- There are additional lessons that will be uploaded over time.

- The main objective of this course is only protection, Udemy and I are not responsible for those who learn this course for other purposes and use its content and information in illegal ways and all the terms issued by me: “Victim, hacker, hacking, hacking, or other terms used by hackers” are just to approximate the meaning and clarify.

Who this course is for
Anyone who seeks to know how attacks on computers and phones are made
Ethical hackers students
Penetration testers
Anyone who wants to learn how secure systems



Learn Ethical hacking on any Computer, Mobile, Account

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