Learn how to create a UK/Happy hardcore track with Rescue

Learn how to create a UK/Happy hardcore track with Rescue

Published 5/2023
Created by EVO Studios
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 7 Lectures ( 7h 20m ) | Size: 4.67 GB

Writing music, Producing Music, Mixing music, Engineering Music, Mastering Music

What you'll learn
Chapter 1 : How to write chords, a bassline & a lead melody to a vocal
Chapter 2 : How to choose the correct kick drum for your track, how to make a sub bass, properly layer it and how to process the overall bass sound
Chapter 3 : How to produce the breakdown and intro arrangement
Chapter 4 : How to choose the perfect lead sounds, how to properly layer them, add support chords to make the lead massive, make the build up and the drop.
Chapter 5 : How to choose the perfect cymbals & percussion, make ear candy such as fill effects and sweeps
Cha[ter 6 : How to produce the rest of the structure, make final mixing decisions and master the track to a professional standard

A Digital Audio Workstation, preferably Ableton Live
This course is made in Ableton Live 11, while you can use the knowledge you gain from this course to transfer to any DAW and you can also use alternative vst plugins, a list of the plugins used are as follows
serum - xfer. nexus - refx. diva - u-he. infected mushroom pusher - waves. shaperbox 3 - cableguys. decapitator - soundtoys. volcano 3 - fabfilter. pro q 3 - fabfilter. classic clipper - t-racks. vps scope - vengeance sound. virtual mix rack - slate digital. camelcrusher - camel audio. kickstart 2 - nicky romero. h-delay - waves. trackspacer 2.5 - wavesfactory. maag eq4 - plugin alliance. oneknob filter - waves. ssleq - waves. arts acoustic - reverb. vms multiband compressor - vengeance sound. soundshifter pitch - waves. vengeance tapestop. bus compressor - t-racks. eqp1a - t-racks. pro L 2 - fabfilter. msed - voxengo. span - voxengo. wlm meter - waves

Learn how to create a UK/Happy Hardcore track with the one and only Rescue!Rescue shows his hit making recipe from start to finish! This man has been in the industry for over 15 years, has toured all over the uk, released albums and even been flown to ibiza to perform internationally!This course has relied heavily on presets from nexus as Rescue wanted to keep the course as simple as possible, synthesis would be too overwhelming for newer producers and, as shown in the course, is not needed! The course has been done in Ableton Live 11 but the processes demonstrated will translate to any DAW, the vst plugins used will be listed but again, these processes can be done with stock plugins or plugins you already own.Included in the course:Writing chordsWriting the basslineWriting the main melodyProcessing the vocalMaking a bass sound from scratchLayering the bass Using frequency analysers tp pick the perfect kick drum for the trackChoosing lead sounds to fill the frequency spectrum & the stereo imageLayering & processing lead sounds to sound hugeLayering in support chords behind the lead to make it sound even biggerMaking the build upMaking the dropMaking ear candy & effects like fills and sweepsStructuring the trackMaking the final mixing decisionsMastering the track to balance the frequencies and reach competitive loudness& MoreThe list of plugins used are as follows :serum - xfernexus : refxdive - u-heinfected mushroom pusher - wavesshaperbox 3 cableguysdecapitator - soundtoysvolcano 3 - fabfilterpro q 3 - fabfilterclassic clipper - t-racksvps scope - vengeance soundvirtual mix rack - slate digitalcamelcrusher - camel audiokickstart 2 - nicky romeroh-delay - wavestrackspacer 2.5 - wavesfactorymaag eq4 - plugin allianceoneknob filter - wavesssleq - wavesarts acoustic reverbvms multiband compressor - vengeance soundsoundshifter pitch - wavesvengeance tapestopbus compressor - t-racks. eqp1a - t-racks. pro L 2 - fabfilter. msed - voxengo. span - voxengo. wlm meter - waves

Who this course is for
This course course requires no previous experience, some experience is preferable, however, every process was explained in detail snd simplified as much as possible.



Learn how to create a UK/Happy hardcore track with Rescue

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