Professional Python Developer Bootcamp 2023

Professional Python Developer Bootcamp 2023

Published 9/2023
Created by Escape Velocity Labs
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Master Python by building real-world projects. Develop all the skills you need to find your first programming job.

What you'll learn
Automate repetitive tasks with Python programs
Learn to build Python projects on different environments (VS Code, Cloud editors)
Master the fundamentals of Python and many advanced features
Build real-world projects from beginning to end and gain practical skills
Master different ways to code in Python: procedural programming, object-oriented programming and more!
Create a portfolio with increasingly complex projects to find your first job.
Create desktop applications like the ones you use every day.
Understand how computers run code, understand colors, etc, and develop a strong digital literacy.

No prior experience required. I'll teach you everything step by step.

This bootcamp teaches you everything you need to find your first job as a software developer from scratch. The bootcamp assumes no prior knowledge, as you will learn all the concepts step by step and put them into practice by implementing over 15 real-world programming projects from the ground up.Upon completing the bootcamp, you will feel like writing Python code is second nature, and you will know how to intuitively translate your ideas into code. In addition to video lessons, the bootcamp offers a wide range of exercises, challenges, and coding projects.Furthermore, as you build your programming projects, you will create a web portfolio that you can use to showcase your skills to prospective employers.In conclusion, if you're looking for a bootcamp that will teach you the essential programming skills in 2023, look no further; this is the bootcamp for you.The Bootcamp is divided in seven parts, described in the following outline:Introduction to PythonWelcome moduleFirst steps in PythonCoding challenge #1: Mad libsControl flowCoding challenge #2: Draw a "#" pyramidFunctionsCoding challenge #3: Fibonacci numbersHosting your web portfolio on GitHubCoding project #1: FlowchartExceptions and debuggingCoding challenge #4: Program debuggingData structures - SequencesString operationsCoding project #2: Caesar cipherData structures - Sets and mappingsCoding project #3: Morse codeThe Python Standard Library (STL)Coding challenge #5: Random password generatorCoding challenge #6: Closest supermarketCoding project #4: Tic-tac-toeFundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)Introduction to Object-Oriented ProgrammingCoding project #5: Grade trackerIntermediate Object-Oriented ProgrammingCoding project #6: Role Playing Game (RPG)Setting up our local environmentHow computers workPreparing the environment (Mac)Preparing the environment (Windows)Getting familiar with our local environmentArgument parsingCoding challenge #7: Number adding scriptFile management in PythonCoding project #7: Note-taking applicationCoding project #8: Customer Management System (CMS)Graphical user interfaces in PythonTurtle GraphicsTkinterIntermediate PythonHigher-order functionsComprehensionsUseful built-in functionsIterables, iterators and generatorsCustom exceptionsAdvanced Object-Oriented Programming conceptsImage processing in PythonImage processing basicsCoding project #11: Photo editorData analytics in PythonWorking with arrays of data using NumPyWorking with series and data tables with PandasData visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn

Who this course is for
Complete programming beginners who want to get ready for their first job.
Developers transitioning to Python from other languages.
Intermediate programmers who want to level up their skills.
Students who want to develop practical Python skills (you will build many projects from scratch)



Professional Python Developer Bootcamp 2023

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