English | 2023 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BSKXQCXW | 226 pages | EPUB | 0.58 MB

Giselle Gailen, Human heiress to Gailen Genetics, loathes being controlled by anyone. After a hardcore bender gone wrong, Giselle's father presents an ultimatum: Be a "Good Girl", or find herself cut off for good.

Zhorha, Hyenaic mercenary from the Dawnbreaker company, needs routine to get through toiling days and tormented nights. After the Dawnbreakers get offered a contract with future potential, Zhorha finds herself guarding a spoilt brat from herself.

Set against each other from their first moment, can the two learn to live with each other? And what troubles lie ahead of them in the darkness of the Arcturus Station.

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