Lose Fat by Reducing Stress

Lose Fat by Reducing Stress

English | 2014 | ISBN: 1499580312 | 249 pages | AZW3 / EPUB / MOBI | 2.2 MB

What are the two major symptoms of our bodies being in Stress Mode? How does this affect our weight? How can we take control of our weight gain? By using the methods in this book, you will learn how stress and sugar cravings are connected, causing us to lose control over our bodily reactions. Teach your body to diminish the strong desire for sugar causing havoc in our nervous system. Understand the intricate methods our nervous system uses via our involuntary nerves to communicate and ensuring complete control of what we put into our mouths. We will avoid the sad situation of getting into stress mode, with high levels of insulin in our system causing and maintaining weight gain, even though we eat nothing. Get over now of constantly fighting a losing battle and get out of this vicious cycle. We must never allow our body to get into safe mode, learn nutrition and meal planning, which is the most effective method of healing weight gain. Stop being frustrated because of failure and expect to see results after working out and eating healthy for a month. Don’t give up, even though it seemed up till now like your body is a lost cause, it is not! Take responsibility today and buy this book to learn the actual system to losing weight, knowledge is power. Testimonials, “Changed my life. Esther’s book is easy to follow and inspiring. I read it twice and have given it to friends. Get your copy today!” - Granie Yerres “I found this book very informative from start to finish. Detailing why sometimes it’s not so easy losing weight and how to sort it. Informative about nutrition and exercise. Even relaxing with massage and oils.” - Jean This book is a guide to lose weight and keep off the extra pounds forever. Change your lifestyle because Fad Diets don't work!

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