Mars Awakening

Mars Awakening

English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08SL5B734 | 357 pages | EPUB / MOBI | 0.8 MB

“Commander Chase, you are not the first to walk on Mars’ surface, but you are the first to have the opportunity to colonise the planet.”
Chase awoke to find he is the commander of a mission to colonise Mars. The accommodations are beyond his expectations, but then he didn’t expect to be here in the first place. Home is twenty-five lined up identical modules, their dimensions eleven meters by three meters. Each module with a purpose and buried underground to protect the crew from radiation.

Chase has full decision-making power, but he must forfeit his privacy because the entertainment company TronTV is streaming the crew’s every move to the audience on Earth.

Chase is suspicious; nobody gets the opportunity of a lifetime without there being a tremendous cost. Supporting his suspicions is the frustrating AI, September, which despite all the technology at Chase’s disposal, is predicting only a 2 percent chance of surviving a full two years. Chase is sure the price will be his life – and possibly the lives of his crew.

Can he learn quickly enough to understand the scope of the TronTV game before he suffers the fatal consequences of not unravelling the puzzle?

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