The Art of Verbal Self Defence: Dealing with Difficult People

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The Art of Verbal Self Defence: Dealing with Difficult People

English | 2011 | ISBN: 0968502954 | 78 pages | PDF | 2 MB

How to tame the toxic bullies in your life. Effective tips, tools and techniques to stop verbal bullies in their tracks. You weren't created to be a doormat for every Tom, Dick and Harriet out there.
* how to stand 10' tall in every life situation and never be taken advantage of again by anyone.

* how to triple your confidence in every situation.

* one simple phrase that will stop verbal abusers in their tracks. (I give you the actual words to say)

* how to say NO without fear, guilt. or apology.

* how to overcome your fear of not being liked if you assert yourself.

* why people are toxic in the first place.

* how to neutralize a verbal attack without saying ONE word.

* how to handle someone who is sarcastic.

* how to totally disarm your verbal abuser.

* how to cope with a toxic boss firmly, respectfully and assertively and still keep your job.

* how to ask for what you want without the "If that's OK with you" attitude.

* Simple and effective strategies to handle people who use toxic humor to make themselves look good by making you look bad.

* how to attract terrific people to your life.

* how to make decisions assertively without overpowering people.

* How to use humor and attitude to disarm the verbal abuser.

* SEVEN Bully Types and how to handle each type

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