The Scarlet Clone

The Scarlet Clone

English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09PD5X39D | 439 pages | EPUB / MOBI | 0.9 MB

A clone girl with a mysterious past. A powerful corporation with something to hide. A quest for answers that may bring them both crashing down . . .

For Scarlet - Scar to her friends - the question “who am I” is more than just philosophical. She is a clone, an iteration of a Scarlet Sinclair from the past. But who was that former Scarlet? What did she achieve? Was she good or evil? And how many Scarlet Sinclairs have there been?

Along with her two best friends, Scar lives in an elite Academy for clones. She has access to the best facilities, the most modern technology. But she knows nothing about her own history.

Amid growing suspicions about both herself and the corporation that created her, how far will Scar go in pursuit of her questions? To find the answers, she will need to risk the wrath of the powerful Duplicor, face her fears of the dystopian world outside the Academy, and place her life - and the lives of her friends - in danger.

This novel puts a new spin on the classic sci-fi cloning theme, with humour, adventure and fun characters you just have to love! Mix Divergent with Harry Potter, add a healthy splash of sass, and you have The Scarlet Clone.

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